Voice AI for Your Voice Brand

The most comprehensive Voice AI Platform to enable custom voice for your brand


Voice AI for Hands Free Devices

Enable Voice safely and effectively for Smartglasses, AR/VR and IoT devices


Voice AI for Digital Assistants

Enable the largest global library of personal app actions to instantly get things done


Voice AI for Your Apps

Provide perfect Voice experiences to users when they engage with your brand


Voice AI for the Automobile

Seamlessly integrate your personal smartphone into the smart car


Voice AI to get things done!

Voice is the universal interface to your whole digital world!


We power your Voice Brand Persona

… and reduce your Time To Action®

Why Voice?

Your digital transformation is incomplete until you build your own voice brand

Retain your brand identity, preserve your customer relationships and own your valuable actionable user insights data

People on Smartphones


Your users are engaging with your apps and services. Engagement in Voice platforms with 3rd party Actions and Skills is miniscule (no ROI)


Consumer Voice platforms marginalize and disintermediate your brand. They do not allow you to customize voice experiences for your users, nor leverage your brand persona.


You need complete access to your own Voice Graph data for actionable insights, so you can serve users better.

Why Aiqudo?

Deliver your users a custom Voice experience that’s an extension of your brand

Our Voice to Action® platform couples flexible, cross-vertical, multilingual Intent Detection with the world’s most comprehensive Action Execution engine to deliver comprehensive hyper-personalized solutions


Aiqudo has a unique approach to fine-grained Multilingual Intent Detection using Semiotics, combined with Deep Learning and Grammar models providing rapid NLU model training and deployment.


Aiqudo hosts the world’s largest global mobile app Action library, supporting multiple device environments, allows you to create comprehensive experience instantly.

Complete Custom Solution

Save on development resources, time and money. Aiqudo does the heavy lifting, providing end-to-end Action on boarding, Command training, Custom Knowledge, Directed Dialog, Machine Learning refinement and support.

Voice Graph

You have full access to the Actionable Insights for your users and apps through Aiqudo’s Partner Portal

Powered by Aiqudo

Aiqudo’s Q Actions® platform reduces Time To Action®

Our versatile platform powers custom voice assistants in unique device and software environments across multiple industry domains.

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