A couple of observations on this interesting survey on Virtual Assistants:

“Despite all the hype over virtual assistants, consumers don’t yet consider them to be critical to their mobile lives”

Digital assistants don’t do enough today. Users would rather stick with their mobile apps to get things done. Aiqudo addresses this problem, bridging the gap between virtual assistants and mobile apps. These two ecosystems have not been brought together for users in a meaningful way to date; Aiqudo’s Q Platform makes it natural and easy for you to use voice to quickly execute actions within your mobile apps. Remember that your apps are always with you – in your pocket, bag or purse… People even use apps on their mobile phones more frequently than the GPS dashboard console in their cars.

“More than any other feature, however, consumers now value security and privacy above all else.”

This speaks to the value of using voice to get to the actions in your mobile apps – we perceive apps on our phones to be personal, secure, and private, as compared to virtual assistant platforms that exist in the cloud. Current assistant platforms require users to explicitly register (again!) for the personal services they use. This creates unnecessary friction. People hate having to login again!

The Aiqudo platform addresses this barrier by leveraging the apps already on your phone. Instead of building a new interface for each new voice-first, typically fixed-location device, it let’s people use mobile apps to get things done using just your voice.

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