Google Assistant is popular among Android users.   It is also integrated with Google Home, Google’s smart assistant device for the home. However, Google Assistant has only a a limited set of supported Actions. There are many actions that Assistant currently does not perform optimally for you, even on your phone. Instead of executing the right actions in the relevant app, Assistant offers web search results in many cases:  

  • “Show my boarding pass” (You want to pull up your boarding pass in your airline app when you are in the security line at the airport)
  • “I need a haircut” (You want to check in to your favorite salon)
  • “Who’s at the front door?” (You want to open up the video from your security device app)

We integrated the Q Actions Android app with Google Assistant. Now you can talk to Google Assistant and execute actions instantly in your favorite apps on your mobile device. You can do this on Google Assistant on your phone or in Google Home.

The first step is to open Q Actions with the command – “Talk to Q Actions”

Now you can talk natively to Q Actions voice application, for example:

  • “Play narcos” -> will open the Netflix app and start playing the TV show
  • “I’d like to board” -> will open the United Airlines app and take you right to your boarding pass
  • “Show hotels in Chicago” -> will open the HotelTonight app and show hotel deals in Chicago
  • “Show my photo albums” -> will allow  you to choose between Flickr and Google Photos apps (if you have both apps) and will show your albums

It’s easy and convenient to use Q Actions with Google Assistant. Simply say what you want to do. You don’t need to learn a specific syntax; you can speak naturally. Further, Q personalizes actions based on the apps installed on your device. If you have two apps that are a match you will get an option to choose, using voice. In the future the system will learn your preferences  and execute the best action for you. 

We would love your feedback on your experience with using Q Actions with Google Assistant. We are in the process of adding more features, so stay tuned!


Author Aiqudo

Aiqudo connects the nascent world of digital voice assistants to the useful, mature world of mobile apps through our Q Voice-to-Action™ platform. We let people use natural voice commands to instantly execute actions in mobile apps.

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