Voice to Action® for Digital Assistants

Q Actions powers Moto Voice Actions globally in
popular apps in 12 markets in 7 languages!!

Hello Moto! Always on Voice. Hands-free.

We bring Voice to Mobile Apps

Using simple, natural commands

Retain your private lifestyle on-the-go without setup or needing to learn new “skills

Folks with smartphones


Voice usage on mobile phones is 2x that of smart speakers. Usage on mobile apps continues to grow.

Unique High Utility Actions

We host the largest global mobile app index. We serve unique, high-utility Actions in Apps that don't exist in any other platform. So you can do more, and provide greater utility to your users.

Personal and Private

Your personal life is already configured your mobile apps. We just enable you to do this - without registration or setup. Just say it and get it done! Our differential privacy ensures that private user data stays protected.
Essential Project Gem

Not just Moto Voice!

See Custom Digital Voice on the unique Gem phone …

… powered by the Aiqudo Action Kit!

Every device and every environment has custom needs for Voice and branding. That's exactly what we enable for our partners with our Q Action Kit tapping into the largest global library of popular mobile app Actions.

“show friends nearby”


There’s just one ubiquitous assistant – it’s in your pocket or purse.  Q Actions allows you do things instantly in your favorite apps, using simple voice commands.

When you are on-the-go!

“tell justin i’m running late for the meeting”


Running late? Instead of doing the unsafe thing – fumbling with your phone while driving – just delegate to Q using voice.  Send a notification to your friend with the right messaging app.

Hands free.

“I’d like to board now”


In the security line at the airport, the one thing you need is the airline app that brings up your boarding pass. No need to fumble through your bags or even find the app on your phone.

Just say it, we do it!

“how many miles did i walk today?”


Just completed your workout? Tracking your life with your health app? Q runs your favorite actions in your trusted apps, without having to register or share credentials.

Your life stays private.

“show my photo albums”


Just had an awesome time at that concert? Want to check out those photos you just took? They’re in an app! Sometimes – the same command can be served by multiple app actions.

User choice is a good thing.

“I’m running out of gas”


That app – when you really need it – is the most important app! Q allows you get things done right away in that specific trusted app, so you don’t get stranded.

Reduce time to action.

“show my playlists”


Big difference between the public Tom Petty songs list and the curated list that you built over months. Of course, you want your playlists to have priority.

Get personal.

“What’s Tesla stock?”


You’re on vacation. But you need to buy that stock today! In the app that provides the real-time information you can trust.

Mobility is freedom.