Voice to Action® for the Auto Cabin

Auto Mode brings your personal life into the car
seamlessly with simple voice commands.

Say it. Do it!

Auto Mode

Turn your car into your personalized appliance on wheels

Retain your private lifestyle on-the-go without setup. Just bring your smartphone!

car and driver


Your life is already personalized in your smartphone. Just bring your smartphone to your car and start driving talking ... no setup required!


Your wife drives. You navigate. Your son is listening to music. Your daugher is texting. They're all in the same car, no?

Platform Independent

You have an Android phone, your wife has an iOS device. Now what? Aiqudo is multiplatform, unlike other platforms like Alexa Auto, Carplay or Android Auto.
“tell jack we’re almost there”   [WHATSAPP]
“add toothpaste to my shopping cart”   [WALMART]
“send $50 to adam smith”   [VENMO]

There’s just one ubiquitous assistant – it’s in your pocket or purse.  Bring your personal life seamlessly into your car.

Marry your car with your smartphone!

Safe and hands free.

“when’s my next meeting?”  [CALENDAR]
“play road trip”  [SPOTIFY]

Running late? Instead of doing the unsafe thing – fumbling with your phone while driving – just delegate using voice.  Multiple people in the car can use Aiqudo’s Personal Data Manager to seamlessly use personal data (contacts, playlists, …) without any setup or loss of privacy.