Voice to Action® for Healthcare

Agnity MobileCare to Add Voice for Safe, Hands Free Clinical Communications.
Contactless. Convenient. Efficient.

Safe, effective and on-the-go!

Voice for Healthcare

Safe, touch free  and efficient access using Voice

Contactless access leveraging custom healthcare knowledge and private data

Doctor using Voice

Hands Free and Contactless

Voice is critical for efficient and more convenient access on-the-go. With Covid-19, it is also safer to do things with Voice.

Private Data Manager

Each doctor has her own patients. Each patient has his nurses and attendees. Voice needs to understand this personalized world without loss of sensitive information. Our Private Data Manger and proprietary Fuzzy Name Matching handle personal knowledge without loss of privacy. Effective, yet private!

Announcements and Notifications

Health apps can proactively engage users with voice. Our Voice Talkback and coupled Announcements, are perfect for healthcare, where reminders and app notifications are time-critical. More important, our proactive voice announcements can be followed with relevant and contextual downstream Actions.

Custom Knowledge

Commands use department names, references to domain-specific terminology, procedures and medications. Command intent matching needs to handle custom knowledge and custom entities for each unique medical environment.
Health Alerts

Voice Announcements


Proactive Voice Announcements for app notifications, with downstream contextual Actions.

With the move to telemedicine, meditation and fitness apps and remote patient monitoring, our health is gravitating towards medical self-help, where our mobile apps are critical for personal control. Voice announcements can trigger for important health notifications, such as medication reminders, pharmacy alerts, sensor alerts and time-sensitive incoming messages. And you can follow up with relevant contextual Actions. For any app!

Smartwatch for Health



Mobile apps and Wearables are dramatically shifting patient habits, patient self-help and remote patient monitoring

Wearables and mobile apps are dramatically shifting patient monitoring, wellness and self-health. Ubiquitous access to sensors and critical biomarkers, coupled with proactive notifications and reminders makes wearables critical for physical and mental well-being.

Voice for Wearables

“contact the oncologist for jack murphy”   [MOBILECARE]
“when is my next meeting?”  [CALENDAR]

Clinical communications, patient experiences, and remote health applications are more efficient with Voice.

Safe and on-the-go.

Hands free!

“show me the pharmacy hours”  [WALMART]
“start meditation”  [HEADSPACE]

Doctor, caregiver, physical therapist or patient – they can all use Voice for hands free delivery and use of health services. Our Personal Data Manager can use personal data (medical contacts, medications, etc.) without setup or  loss of privacy.

“take your medication now!”   [ANNOUNCEMENT ]
“you have a dentist appointment at 4 pm”  [ANNOUNCEMENT]

Get Voice announcements for critical health events, respond with Voice for downstream Actions

Convenient and effective – so you don’t forget!

Your health assistant!

“i want to add a medication”  [CAREZONE]
“how far did I walk today?”  [GOOGLE FIT]

The easiest way to record your fluid intake, the distance you just walked and your current blood pressure is with Voice.

Just say it, and your health metrics will keep up with you.

Keep a pulse on health tracking with Voice!