mCloud Brings Natural Language Processing to Connected Workers through Partnership with Aiqudo

Connected workers will benefit from reduced training time, ease of use, and support for multiple languages

Agnity MobileCare to Add Voice for Safe, Hands Free Clinical Communications

Doctors, nurses and clinicians can save time and be more effective using natural commands

Aiqudo to power Motorola’s Moto Voice experience globally

High utility app Actions in Moto Voice #HelloMoto

Aiqudo and Sensory Collaborate on Holistic Voice Solutions

Wake word + Voice Biometrics + Actions = Hands-free + Secure + Personal

Aiqudo Voice Platform To Power Digital Experience in BYTON’S Electric Vehicles

Aiqudo will make accessing your favorite apps convenient and safe

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Voice AnnouncementsApp ActionsDigital AssistantsKnowledgeVoice Search
December 31, 2020

Q Actions for Android: Giving App Notifications a Voice and You More Options

We’re ending a crazy 2020 with something sweet - the release of Q Actions 2.5! In our latest version, we’re proud to announce a couple of unique and useful features:…
PrivacyApp ActionsDigital AssistantsPersonalizationPrivacy
December 30, 2020

Personalization without Compromising Privacy

If you’ve been following technology news recently, you might have heard that there’s a privacy war brewing.  It should also come as no surprise that the digital assistants you use…
Voice for the Connected WorkerAsset ManagementNatural LanguageUncategorizedUser InterfaceVoice
November 2, 2020

Natural Voice Recognition for Safety and Productivity in Industrial IoT

Voice for AssetCare Jim Christian, Chief Technology and Product Officer, mCloud It is estimated that there are 20 million field technicians operating worldwide. A sizable percentage of those technicians can't…
AI Neural NetworksArtificial IntelligenceDeep LearningMachine LearningNatural LanguageNeural Networks
October 28, 2020

Enhancing Aiqudo’s Voice AI Natural Language Understanding with Deep Learning

Aiqudo provides the most extensive library of voice-triggered actions for mobile apps and other IOT devices. At this difficult time of Covid-19, voice is becoming mandatory as more organizations are…

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