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Thought to Action Artificial IntelligenceMachine Learning
April 1, 2019

Thought to Action!

Here at Aiqudo, we’re always working on new ways to drive Actions and today we’re excited to announce a breakthrough in human-computer interaction that facilitates these operations.  We’re calling it…
Auto in-cabin experience Digital AssistantsUser InterfaceVoice
March 9, 2019

The Evolution of Our In-Car Experience

As the usage model for cars continues to shift away from traditional ownership and leasing to on-demand, ridesharing, and in the future, autonomous vehicle (AV) scenarios, how we think about…
Semiotics Artificial IntelligenceCommand MatchingMachine Learning
January 31, 2019

AI for Voice to Action – Part 3: The importance of Jargon to understanding User Intent

In my last post I discussed how semiotics and observing how discourse communities interact had influenced the design of our machine learning algorithms. I also emphasized the importance of discovering jargon words…
App ActionsDigital AssistantsNewsVoice Search
November 5, 2018

Voice Enable System Settings with Q Actions 1.3.3!

Somewhere in the Android Settings lies the option for you turn on Bluetooth, turn off Wifi, and change sound preferences. These options are usually buried deep under menus and sub-menus.…