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January 31, 2019

AI for Voice to Action – Part 3: The importance of Jargon to understanding User Intent

In my last post I discussed how semiotics and observing how discourse communities interact had influenced the design of our machine learning algorithms. I also emphasized the importance of discovering jargon words…
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November 5, 2018

Voice Enable System Settings with Q Actions 1.3.3!

Somewhere in the Android Settings lies the option for you turn on Bluetooth, turn off Wifi, and change sound preferences. These options are usually buried deep under menus and sub-menus.…
Poison Bottle Artificial IntelligenceCommand MatchingMachine LearningNatural Language
October 23, 2018

AI for Voice to Action – Part 2: Machine Learning Algorithms

My last post discussed the important step of automatically generating vast amounts of relevant content relating to commands to which we apply our machine learning algorithms. Here I want to…
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September 26, 2018

AI for Voice to Action – Part 1: Data

At Aiqudo two critical problems we solve in voice control are the action discovery problem and the cognitive load problem. In my first post I discussed how using technology to…