Enable simple ubiquitous voice access to actions

By integrating with Aiqudo, you can provide your users a simple, universal voice experience for your users, with them wherever they go, whether their living room or their phone when they’re on the go.

More importantly, voice becomes really useful, giving your users an easy interface to everything they want to do – show restaurants nearby, send messages, make payments, whatever… For the first time, your users can talk naturally to their speaker or phone, have a consistent experience and get things done.

Fastest time to market

Actions at scale

Unique and sticky user experience

I want to provide voice support for multiple apps

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App Developers

App Developers

Enable voice access to your app without code

No coding required for AI or Actions

No APIs required

Action Kit (SDK) for Voice-enabled apps

You have an app that’s already in use by your loyal users. You need to enable access to Actions in your app using voice.

To enable your app’s actions in the Aiqudo Voice to Actions platform, here’s what you need to do: nothing!

Aiqudo does not require APIs; we on board key Actions in your app directly into our platform. No need for you to develop or maintain a “skill”.

Most importantly, just build your app with Aiqudo’s Action Kit (SDK), there’s no need to write code.  You can distribute a voice experience in your own app rather than get locked to a particular piece of hardware, physical location and technology ecosystem.  Leverage the app you’ve already distributed. A win for your users and your organization.

I want to enable voice in my app

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