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Amazon Is Crowdsourcing Alexa’s Answers, So This Should Be Fun

Courtney Linder

Popular Mechanics, 

There’s always that deep sigh of disappointment—or sometimes even laughter or wonder—when you ask an Alexa voice assistant a question and she has absolutely no idea what you’re talking about: “Sorry, I don’t know that one.”


The value of the crowd is enormous—you validate commands based on multiple inputs, you capture variations on commands, it’s by nature opt-in, so you don’t have privacy issues with listening to people’s dialog without their consent.

John FosterAiqudo Co-Founder and CEO
alexa crowdsourcing

Amazon Wants to Put Alexa in Cars. Google and Apple Are There Already

Matt Day


Amazon is entering a market already contested by Google and Apple Inc., not to mention automakers leery of ceding control of the dashboard to Big Tech.


Amazon’s Achilles heel is not having a play on the phone. They’re going at it the best way they can. But I do think they suffer from this disadvantage.

John FosterAiqudo Co-Founder and CEO
Alexa in the car
Moor Insights and Strategy

Moor Insights & Strategy Podcast – Aiqudo

Mark Vena

Moor Insights and Strategy, 

Aiqudo is doing some extremely disruptive things in the exploding voice platform segment with a “voice to action” approach that is indeed both unique and compelling.


Voice just becomes ubiquitous. It becomes the primary interface to our technology. Once you use voice for some of these activities, you never go back to typing - it's just easier and faster. The entry points for voice are proliferating - smart speakers, your car, your phones, wearables, voice remote on your TV ... think it, do it!

John FosterAiqudo Co-Founder and CEO
Auto in-cabin experience
Ecommerce Times

How to Exert Privacy Control Over Your Home Speakers

Jack M. Germain

Ecommerce Times, 

Getting a measure of control about access to the recordings varies with the device. Users of smart speakers need to exercise a degree of control with smart speakers, just as they should with video recording devices.


Voice, done properly, will make our lives easier and our interactions with our technology frictionless, but these (privacy) issues will delay progress toward that goal

John FosterAiqudo Co-Founder and CEO
Smart speaker privacy
CMO by Adobe

5 Innovative Ways AI Is Charting New Territory

Jackie Snow


Instead of using hands to control our technology, companies are banking on voice commands to be the future of interfacing with our expanding quiver of devices… Aiqudo wants to make every app on a smartphone controllable with voice commands, regardless of what device a user might have.


Voice should be completely intuitive. The NLP technology in the background is built to understand the various ways a command might be said.

John FosterAiqudo Co-Founder and CEO
Business marketing success strategy
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The State of Conversational AI and Consumer Trust

Riley Panko

Clutch Business Services Survey, 

Conversational AI voice technology offers new opportunities to automate everyday responsibilities. Yet, people indicate a lack of trust toward these tools’ abilities to successfully complete tasks. Nearly three-quarters of people are unlikely to trust conversational AI to answer simple calls or emails, but experts say this hesitancy will shift as the technologies become more mainstream, despite security risks.


Additional coverage: Voicebot [May 28],  Security Baron [May 30]

The higher the stakes, and the more significant the consequences, the more trust you need before you can get comfortable with it.

Rajat MukherjeeAiqudo Co-Founder and CTO
User Trust for AI
Voice of the Car

Voice of the Car – Q Actions Auto Mode

Aiqudo Team

The Voice of the Car Summit, 

The Aiqudo team presented Q Actions Auto Mode at the Voice of the Car Summit in San Francisco. Simple voice commands are used to initiate actions safely and hands-free from the car – productivity tasks, personal tasks, messaging and calling, joining meetings, and even shopping … a whole range of Actions not supported  by any other voice assistant platform today.


You already know what you want to do - and it exists in your apps on your phone. Our job is to make it easy with intuitive voice commands. In our platform, the developer does not have to do anything. There are thousands of actions in our platform and we've never spoken to a developer.

John FosterAiqudo Co-Founder and CEO
Voice of the Car Summit Demo
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The rise of the ubiquitous voice assistant

Rajat Mukherjee


Millions of users are already using these powerful mobile apps on their phones on a daily basis. We don’t see this changing dramatically in the near future. The only way for voice assistants to be ubiquitous is to embrace the simplicity and trust that users have in their mobile apps. In fact, the IDC Consumer IoT Survey presented at CES 2019 shows that voice usage is almost twice as much on mobile devices (~70%) than on smart speakers (~36%).


There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. We should incorporate user needs into these systems in a practical, simple way. We need apps to be included broadly in these solutions.

Rajat MukherjeeAiqudo Co-Founder and CTO
Ubiquitous Actions with Mobile Apps
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AiThority Interview Series With Rajat Mukherjee, Co-Founder and CTO at Aiqudo

Sudipto Ghosh


At Aiqudo, we’ve addressed this issue of “Actionable Intent” with proprietary technology that encompasses the rich app ecosystem without requiring APIs, and without asking app developers to do a lot of work and reinvent the wheel.


The marketing hype wave will wear off a bit, but the world will indeed be impacted by the advances in deep learning and the more pervasive application of technology to automate, recommend, and reduce human error.

Rajat MukherjeeAiqudo Co-Founder and CTO
Rajat Mukherjee
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Which voice assistant speaks the most languages, and why?

Kyle Wiggers


Contrary to popular Anglocentric belief, English isn’t the world’s most-spoken language by total number of native speakers — nor is it the second. In fact, the West Germanic tongues rank third on the list, followed by Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, and Russian. (Mandarin and Spanish are first and second, respectively.) …


Our models don’t get confused by hybrid languages, because when they look at a sentence, they just look for the intent. And if some of the words are English and some of the words are in Hindi, that’s okay

John FosterCEO Aiqudo
Multiple Language Support

The Big Hangup: Why the Future Is Not Just Your Phone

Timothy W. Martin and Sarah Krouse

The Wall Street Journal, 

Steve Jobs took to a stage a dozen years ago this week to introduce a revolutionary new product to the world: the first Apple iPhone. That groundbreaking device, and the competitors that followed, changed the way people communicated, ordered dinner and hailed a taxi. The technology world reoriented around the smartphone, supplanting the personal computer, MP3 players, the digital camera and maps. And the mobile economy was born.


What’s not going to go away: the need to have a device that’s constantly with you, to remote control your life. At the moment, we call that the smartphone. Does it become smaller, sit on your wrist, a chip in the back of your mouth? Maybe. The concept needs to remain constant.

Jaede TanApp Annie
The Big Hangup
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Artificial Intelligence Is About to Make a Splash at CES 2019

Jon Swartz


For something not visible to the human eye, artificial intelligence will be omnipresent at the Consumer Electronics Show this week.

AI, the fast-growing technology behind speech recognition and machine learning, will be tangible in the form of hardware and software offerings…


There will be tons of voice assistants, especially for cars and home appliances ...

John FosterCEO, Aiqudo
AI will be everywhere
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Does AI Really Speak Our Language?

Ben Dickson

PC Magazine, 

Artificial intelligence has come a long way in handling tasks that involve language, but it’s still missing most of the nuance and context that we humans take for granted.


We can't hope that real consciousness will become part of AI in the near future… to move from 'simulated' conversations to 'real' conversations, we need to empower machines with things like common sense, understanding of context, and creativity.

David PattersonHead of AI, Aiqudo
Does AI Really Speak Our Language?