Voice to Action® for Hands Free Devices

Custom Voice for apps on smart glasses. AR/VR & Industrial IoT.
For the Connected Worker in the field.

Safe and hands free!

Voice for Custom Devices

Every device has its own custom needs for Voice

Action Kit makes Voice work in smart glasses, smart watches, smart speakers and more!

Smart glasses

Hands Free

Field users, and users of AR applications, have their hands full. Voice is critical for safety and efficiency in these environments

Custom Devices

Other voice platforms cannot provide Voice functionality in specialized device environments. Our Action Kit (SDK) enables integration in custom devices that have special requirements and constraints.

Private Data Manager

The names of your contacts, your custom knowledge, your patients, etc. need to be used for command matching, but protected. Our fuzzy matching and differential privacy techniques are unique and mandatory for efficacy and privacy.
“show flow diagram for pump E12”


Connected Workers in the field are in constrained environments. Safety, efficiency and productivity are key. Voice is mandatory.

Especially when your hands are tied up!