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The Problem

I'm sorry, I don't know that.

AlexaSeattle, Washington
Alexa dot

I know it, but ... I don't invoke actions in many 3rd party mobile apps!

Google AssistantMountain View, CA
Google Home

The Solution

Deep … yet simple!

With Aiqudo you’ll no longer hear
'I’m sorry, I don’t understand that.'

You command, we do.

Matching a simple, natural command to the perfect action is a well-defined task, but one that requires sophisticated solutions to several deep technical problems – command matching with Machine Learning, Action modeling and execution in mobile apps and highly efficient operations for Action on boarding and maintenance.

The good news – we’re doing all this!

Let’s show you….

The Q product experience

The Q Actions Platform enables voice experiences for you everywhere. Actions are executed in your favorite apps with simple, natural commands. Action discovery is easy – just say “show my actions” and go! No need to remember commands, register accounts, or learn “skills“.

You benefit from both visual and verbal information – critical for making quick decisions.

And private data stays private – within the apps you already trust!

Get Q now!


The Q Actions platform matches commands in multiple languages, and invokes actions in universal apps as well as locally relevant apps.

We already support 12 global markets in 7 languages, and growing…

Wherever you are!

Q Actions for Android


Get Q Actions from the Play Store and your life just becomes easier – at home, in the office, on your run, in the airport, and on your travels. All app actions are at your fingertips.


App Store Icon

Q Actions for Alexa


Alexa on your phone and is oblivious of the apps you’re using every day! Just say “Alexa, open Q Actions”, and then your apps are at your call.  Your life will change instantly! Just try it.


Alexa Q Actions Skill

Q Actions for Assistant


Assistant does not support non-Google apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Venmo. But Q does – just say “Hey Google, talk to Q Actions” and “show actions for <app>”.


Q Actions for Google Assistant

The Q Platform in Action

Q opens up the world of apps to voice. Check out the sample mobile app Actions that you can perform in Q. Most of these useful actions are currently not available in popular digital assistants, as they don’t execute actions in the most popular mobile apps.

Q Actions 2:45

Powerful actions within familiar apps are instantly available through natural voice commands. With Q, there’s no need to remember skills or register user credentials for personal actions. It’s ubiquitous, private and easy! Remember – your mobile actions are always with you when you are truly on-the-go.

Q App Actions in Alexa 3:20

Q opens up the world of apps to home assistants like Alexa. Powerful actions within familiar apps are instantly available through natural voice commands. With Q, there’s no need to remember skills or register user credentials for personal actions.

Q Action Discovery 1:33

Discovery of actions is trivial in Q. You just say “show my actions” and you’re off and running! You’ll see a full categorized list of actions available for apps on your device.

How it works

Powered by a pioneering AI platform, Aiqudo’s voice interface enables consumers to interact with apps using their natural language. There’s no need  to remember specific syntax. With Aiqudo, people can just say it … and do it.

Our Contextual Discovery Engine understands user intent by analyzing the spectrum of variations for a command, e.g., “I need a ride to the airport“, “get me a cab to SFO” or “book me a taxi to SFO long term parking“. Next, our ML-based Command Matching maps user intent to an Action and executes it in the user’s preferred app – Lyft or Uber.

Using App Analysis, Aiqudo has built the Voice to Action Index, the industry’s largest independent repository of app actions and commands.

Executing an Action does not require authentication credentials or registration, as with other assistant platforms. Personal information remains in the app that the user entrusted it to.

Aiqudo signals a new era for the digital world where consumers can accomplish anything in their apps in the most natural way possible: just talking.

Partners integrate our technology easily by using the Q Action Kit (SDK).
Voice Action Kit

The Action Kit (SDK) allows many functions to be performed on device, requiring no authentication credentials for safely executing private actions. Integration is trivial.
Fuzzy Command Matching

Machine Learning and Semiotics are leveraged to create a high-quality matching of naturally spoken commands. Training is incremental, so new Actions are available quickly.

Q logo
The Aiqudo Q Actions Platform
Action Index

Our global Action Index is the largest of its kind, spanning 7 languages and growing! Actions are executed safely and privately in a user’s favorite apps – hands-free with natural commands.
Action On Boarding

We have a well orchestrated on boarding process that takes minutes, allowing us to scale and maintain actions across popular and tail apps alike.